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New tactical role-playing game on Steam lets you play with a sniper cat, coming this week



A new role-playing game on Steam promises you exciting and tactical battles while you manage your everyday school life. The game also offers some interesting characters.

What game is this about? Blade Prince Academy is a new role-playing game on Steam scheduled for release on March 7, 2024. The game is developed by the indie studio Angel Corp and published under the publisher Firesquid.

You play as the students of the Blade Prince Academy, who not only pursue their academic and social lives, but also protect the city of Abjectalia from a variety of threats.

In the trailer you can take a first look at the tactical combat gameplay. Blade Prince Academy presents itself in a colorful and effective anime style:

In Blade Prince Academy you manage your everyday school life while fighting your enemies

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What does the gameplay look like? Blade Prince Academy promises you a mix of RPG elements and tactical battles in which you control a group of different heroes.

You are offered a pauseable real-time combat system. This means you can stop time at any time during combat to plan your next moves and actions or determine the best attack order for your group. This way you can, among other things, create the best combos in combat.

In the fight you should be offered a few options on how you can emerge victorious. To do this, you can use your surroundings and push your opponents into unfavorable positions. Or you can apply status effects to your enemies and watch them lose while you simply dodge.

You put together the group for your fights yourself and adapt it to your playing style. Because every character you get to know over the course of the game comes with unique skills and strengths. You have to decide for yourself which one suits you.

Which characters await you? In Blade Prince Academy you will have a lot of different characters at your disposal. How many this will ultimately be is not known. In the trailer you can see that your team always seems to consist of four characters.

Three of these are shown in more detail here:

  • Phoebos – The Prodigy: This character attacks his opponent armed with two swords. In the trailer, for example, you can see him making big jumps to attack with a powerful blow or from an ambush. He can also attack multiple enemies at the same time with a large spin attack.
  • O'ren – The Deadly Sniper: This sniper cat attacks his opponents with targeted shots from a distance. He can also fire large-scale projectiles or inflict poison on his opponents.
  • Diamante – The Elementalist: For example, this mage uses ice attacks to weaken and slow her opponents. She can also heal burns with a spell.

In addition to the combat gameplay, you also have to take care of the characters' social relationships. The closer your characters get to each other, the more advantages this can give you in battle.

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