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New trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth released




Today a new Status of Play dedicated to none other than Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, in which they have given us a new look at this long-awaited video game that serves as the second part of the title that arrived four years ago for Playstation 4. And now, within this new adventure we have been left with more questions than answers regarding the fate of the characters, especially with the group that is forming and taking a more leading role from those who were previously secondary.

In this video you can see iconic moments such as the arrival at Costa del Sol, as well as the appearance of a new character who will give us secondary adventures on the maps, and it is worth mentioning that these open areas will be used to fulfill interesting objectives. Likewise, the mini games become more extensive, with even sections in which the protagonists become frogs and face new evils.

Here you can see it:

Next to the trailer, we had a video guide, in which they show us more of the special features of the game, focusing on the combats, bosses and much more moments that will remind us of the iconic scenes of the 32-bit version but also with touches never seen before. Likewise, they assure us that the graphics are state-of-the-art, giving us the opportunity to discover the maximum potential of PlayStation 5.

Here you can take a look:

Finally, they reveal to us that the soundtrack has been completely arranged to give this touch of familiarity but also novelty, including the original composer, Nobuo Uematsu, is involved in some way, especially in songs like the main song of Aeris. So fans will not feel disappointed, and will want to get their hands on the disc with all the tracks to explore each sound outside of the game itself.

Remember that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth the is launched February 29 only for PS5.

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Editor's note: It will definitely be a great game, and all of us fans are waiting for it to finally be released for the PS5 at the end of February. And of course, we will all want to exploit it until we get the respective platinum.

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