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New trailer for Princess Peach: Showtime released




With each passing day, the day when Nintendo releases its next big exclusive for switchwe speak neither more nor less than Princess Peach: Showtime!a title that returns the spotlight to the princess of the mushroom kingdom after a failed game for D.S.. And for the project to have the necessary momentum, new advances are constantly released so that the public does not forget that they can purchase it in their favorite store in the final days of the next month of the year.

Today they released a new trailer in which we can see another batch of new outfits for the character, which are an ice skater, a thief, a mermaid and finally, a power ranger version but adapted to the leader of the kingdom of friendly mushrooms . This now leads us to think that the game will be more ambitious than thought, with many possibilities in the gameplay that will make it a versatile project that fans of the world of Mario will love instantly.

Here you can see the video:

This is the game description:

The focus is on Peach and more of her transformations, including figure skater Peach, Dashing Thief Peach, Mermaid Peach, and Mighty Peach! Princess Peach: Showtime! launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system on March 22, 2024. Pre-orders are now available on the Nintendo eShop.

Remember that this video game is scheduled to arrive exclusively at Nintendo Switch this March 22.

Via: Nintendo

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Editor's note: It is definitely one of the games that I most look forward to in 2024, so I am excited for everything that will come within it, and I hope that they no longer release so many trailers so as not to spoil surprise transformations.

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