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Although the atmosphere already smells of the next generation, nintendo switch continues to do its best with some eye-catching games that will arrive in the coming weeks such as Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD and also Nintendo World Championsips NES Edition. This has meant that more updates have to be released, especially stability ones, and today a new one has arrived unexpectedly and can now be downloaded from this very moment.

Among the most notable changes is something that players will get their hands on, and it is the withdrawal of the direct connection by Twitter, a function that is leaving after the Japanese company itself announced that through a statement and to this is added that you cannot add people to the console who are connected to us on this social network either. Obviously, better stability could not be missing from the device.

Here are the full details of patch 18.1.0:

– The following updates were made for the discontinuation of the X (formerly Twitter) integration:

– The “Post” option to Twitter when sharing from the Album in it menu nintendo switch HOME was deleted.

– The ability to post Super Smash Bros. screenshots from the Album in the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu or Smash World in the Nintendo Switch Online smart device app has been removed.

– Removed the option to bind to X from user settings.

– Removed the option to link social media accounts from “My Page” Friend Suggestions.

– General system stability improvements to improve user experience.

At this time no major changes are expected on the console, given that we are very close to Switch 2 being revealed.

Via: Nintendo

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Author’s note: It shows that we are basically waiting for the next device to arrive and for now we just have to download these patches to be able to play online. We will have to wait for them to give us much more news.

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