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New update comes to PlayStation 5




The users of the PlayStation 5 woke up with good news, since the console has received a new update, which finally allows start a conversation with Discord without the need for any external elementsomething fans have been asking for for a long time.

Currently, version 24.04-09.40.00 of the PlayStation 5 is now available for download, and gives us the opportunity to start or join a Discord voice chat directly from the console, instead of having to use a PC or mobile apps.

Along with this, the update makes a series of changes to child accounts, which can now link and add third-party services and applications. This process can be managed using new parental controls. Another section that has received improvements is the wireless headphones Pulse Elite, Pulse Explore and the PlayStation Link USB adapter, as connection stability has been improved.

Last but not least, PlayStation has also noted improved system software performance and stability, as well as in the messages and usability on some screens. All of this is now available for PlayStation 5 users. On related topics, these are the PlayStation Plus games for June. Similarly, former director responds to Phil Spencer’s attack.

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Author’s Note:

Discord is a very important form of communication, and it’s nice to see it becoming easier to use on consoles. Without it, many experiences, such as Helldivers II and Monster Hunter Rise, it wouldn’t be the mimosas. We can only wait to see what the next improvements for the console will be.

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