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New update for the PS5 will soon bring important improvements that will save you time and nerves in multiplayer



Sony has introduced a new update for the PS5. There are lots of improvements for the DualSense controller. The improved noise canceling in particular should be a real improvement in multiplayer.

Sony has presented a new beta update for the PS5 and controllers on its official blog. The update is already available to you via the beta channel, otherwise the update on the official channel should follow in a few weeks.

The update primarily brings a number of improvements for the DualSense controller and a few small updates for the console. The improved noise canceling in particular should be worth a look.

Improved noise canceling could make many online games more pleasant

What's the problem with lots of games? There are always a few people who feel they have to delight the voice chat with their music or homely family sounds. This is not only incredibly annoying, but can also disrupt concentration. In the worst case scenario, you will no longer be able to hear your opponent, who is quietly stalking you from behind, in the noise of your fellow player in order to steal your victory.

The loud background noise and annoying players with an open microphone can also be a reason why many people quickly leave the voice chat. Because very few people want to know what's going on in the background with other players.

Why is this useful for multiplayer? This is exactly where the new update for the PS5 comes in. Noise canceling attempts to block out noises in the environment. Sony itself explains that thanks to a “new machine learning model” it has improved the quality of the microphone input on the controllers: background noise such as button clicks and game audio are suppressed, which should lead to a better voice chat experience. This could make multiplayer sessions much quieter in the future.

The Xbox Series X/S also offers a similar function that also makes online matches easier. Thanks to a simple but important function, many multiplayer games could now be played more pleasantly. This is particularly worthwhile for users who want to try out the Game Pass on Xbox or simply want to play a few online matches without disruption:

You should activate the new Xbox Series X function now so as not to be annoying in multiplayer

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