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New WhatsApp update is very important



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WhatsApp is constantly working to improve the user experience, and this has caused us to constantly see updates of different types. Although there are some that go unnoticed, The latest one finally adds something that users have been asking for for a long time.

Right now, WhatsApp on iOS devices, as well as on PC, now allows us to search for conversations by date. Thanks to the most recent update, a calendar has been added that allows us to see the messages in a conversation or in a group chat on a specific day. The company claims that this feature is useful for verifying when information was sent to someone.


This is a fairly simple process, since it is only necessary to go to the name of the contact or group located at the top of the chat list. After that, you must click on the new “Search” button and select the desired date. This is all. By carrying out this process you will be able to easily find the information you need, so forget about having to go through a sea of ​​messages in a chat. Best of all, this also applies to multimedia products, such as images and videos.

The update of WhatsApp is now available on iOS devices as well as PC. For their part, Android users will have to wait a little longer, since this version is not yet available for them. On related topics, WhatsApp prohibits screenshots. Likewise, this is how the new green dot in the application works.

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Editor's Note:

Usually, WhatsApp updates go unnoticed because they do not offer important changes. However, this novelty is something that everyone will use. I hope the company continues down this path, and instead of offering things that no one uses, focuses on substantial updates.

Via: BNN Breaking

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