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New World: Guide to mounts



Mounts have become a big topic in New World. They came into play with the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in October 2023 and there are three different types and a wide variety of rewards. We at MeinMMO will tell you everything you need to know in this guide.

How do you unlock the first mount? To do this, you must first reach level 25. Once you have done that, a new quest symbol will appear on the map that resembles a horseshoe. The quest is called “Change of the Wild” and starts in the town of Wind Circle.

For the quest, you must first travel to the north of Everfall, speak to an NPC and then speak to a beast lord in the area. The whole quest is very self-explanatory. At the end, you will receive the horse as the first mount in your inventory.

The inventory now also has a new tab where you can modify the horse, for example with “shoes”, saddlebags and other accessories. However, you have to level up the horse first to do this.

How is this continuing? First you have to take care of your horse. You will receive a quest to complete certain races. You can also purchase new skins and unlock two more mounts. These are available at level 45 (wolf) and 65 (lion).

New World: Gameplay of the new mounts

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How does the horse play? The horse can be summoned with the X key, even while running, but not in battle. It is initially a little faster than normal running and also has a sprint function with the left shift key. However, sprinting consumes stamina, as does jumping.

Over time, however, the horse becomes faster and gains more stamina. But you have to level it up first.

By the way, if you are attacked while riding, you will fall from the mount. However, there is a small tolerance mechanism for weak enemies, so that you will not be thrown off immediately.

Training, leveling and equipping the horse

How do you level up the horse? Immediately after you get the mount, you get the quest for a horse race. This rewards you with so much experience that you immediately unlock the first saddlebag. Later, the horse races are divided into two types:

  • Tours – Find the fastest route to the finish line.
  • Rallies – Reach each checkpoint in order before time runs out.

Second, you will learn to make simple mount feed. To do this, you will need and receive directly from the quest NPC:

  • 3x Simple Mount Supplements
  • 1x barley
  • 1x water
  • 1x milk

You can equip the food like your own and then climb onto the horse to feed it. You will then receive a recipe without the supplements, but with honey. The four raw materials are very easy to obtain. The mount food supplements, on the other hand, are regularly available for quests and races.

As you progress, you complete new quests, take part in more races, and feed additional food to get your mount to a higher level.

Small tips: You can make the stable at the quest NPC your home so you can return directly to this “inn” from anywhere. Also ride on the paths during the races, because you also benefit from the speed bonus on horseback.

How do I improve my mount? In the character menu, you can equip your mount with a total of four accessories, although the two saddlebags are purely cosmetic. However, the shoes and the harness provide additional effects for increased speed, better jumping or more sprint stamina.

You get better items initially through the mount quests and for reaching higher levels. You can see the exact rewards when you click on “Riding” under skills.

New World Mount Skills

Buy new skins for mounts

How do I get new skins?

  • The NPC in Immerfall, where you completed the first quests, offers you the first horse skin for purchase. Benson costs 10,000 gold.
  • The Golda skin can be earned through mutations in dungeons.
  • Various other horse skins are available for real money in the shop.

It’s pretty similar with the other two mounts. The wolves have a skin from the dealer, one from mutations and others in the shop. The lion has another skin from the free Battle Pass.

Unlock the Wolf

How do I get the wolf? First, you have to reach level 45 with your character. You also apparently have to level up your horse to get to the Gray Wolf Trader.

After that, you will automatically get the wolf via the mount questline.

Unlock the Lion

How do I get the lion? First, you have to reach level 65 with your character. On top of that, you apparently have to level up your horse and your wolf to get to the lion dealer.

After that, you will automatically get the lion via the mount quest line. What is your impression of the mounts? Are they well done in New World? If you want to know more about the first expansion in general, you can find the complete overview here: New World: Everything about the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion – content, release, mounts.

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