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New Xbox has been registered in the South Korea region |




Weeks ago there was doubt about the Xbox brand, as there were quite strong rumors that in the next generation of consoles they would retire solely to create games for other companies, something that was denied when a special podcast was launched. In fact, in it they mention that they already have software in development, and that takes us to a record that was carried out not long ago in South Korea, and that could be a preview of what is to come in terms of hardware. .

A new development kit has reportedly been certified, and was approved for use by the South Korea National Radio Research Agency. Made in China and Vietnam, it carries the model number 2089. The Series

According to Korean laws, all electronic devices in Korea must be certified by the National Radio Research Agency that there is no risk of harming the radio wave environment. Without obtaining certification, you will not be able to use the device in Korea.

As shown in legal documents leaked in September of last year, key elements of the gaming strategy were potentially revealed. Microsoft for the next few years, including plans to launch an “all-digital” Xbox Series And with that in mind, it is possible that the registered Kit will be the first test to continue working on the project that is launched in the following months.

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Editor's note: It is possible that this is just the downgraded version of Series X without the reader in question. So it will take some time while we meet the true successor. I don't think we'll even see it at some point next year.

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