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Nicolas Cage wants to play a cool new superhero in the Marvel universe: “I love the character”



Amazon is currently planning a live-action series that focuses on a darker version of Spider-Man. More specifically with Spider-Man Noir. Nicolas Cage is particularly interested in playing the role. It would not be the first time.

Which superhero is it about? If you are a fan of Marvel comics, especially Spider-Man, or have seen the 2018 animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, you may already be familiar with Spider-Man Noir.

It is an alternate version of Peter Parker. His stories take place in the 1930s, during the Great Depression in the USA.

The tone is significantly darker, both visually and in terms of content, than in the contemporary stories. Spider-Man Noir moves through a harsh world.

Peter Parker, who works as a private detective in this version, also likes to resort to harsher methods as a noir – and has to deal with the moral consequences of his actions.

The figure is still fairly new compared to the original Spider-Man. While Stan Lee's creation has been fighting crime since 1962, Noir only saw the light of day in 2009.

Colorful action in the trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

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Nicolas Cage wants to play the role – again

What does Nicolas Cage have to do with all this? Hollywood star Nicolas Cage has already come into contact with Spider-Man Noir. He lent him his voice in the aforementioned animated film Into the Spiderverse. The actor also appears in games from time to time.

A live-action Spider-Man Noir series is currently being planned at Amazon. It is not yet clear who will play the main role.

However, Nicolas Cage is considered a hot candidate for the role. Not only because he has spoken her before, but also because he has come out as a big fan of the dark Spider-Man.

In a conversation with Collider, Cage opened up about his passion for the character. “It's no secret that I love the character,” he said.

After working on Into the Spiderverse, Cage would be very interested in playing Noir in front of the camera. In addition, the setting and the dark character of the main character offer the opportunity to pay tribute to some of Nicolas Cage's other heroes.

I get to combine my favorite Golden Age actors (Robinson, Cagney, Bogart) with a character that I think is widely considered Stan Lee's masterpiece.

Nicolas Cage via Collider

But Cage also emphasizes that nothing is currently set in stone. So far he has only had discussions with Amazon.

What else do we know about the series? While Nicolas Cage is still unconfirmed in the lead role, at least the showrunner of the series has already been confirmed.

Steve Lightfoot, known for his work on The Punisher, Narcos and Hannibal, among others, will direct the new series. It is also developed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who are behind films like The Lego Movie or the aforementioned Into the Spiderverse.

The project is still in pre-production. But perhaps Amazon will soon reveal who will jump through 1930s New York as a black and white Spider-Man. Nicolas Cage could have had a role in The Lord of the Rings – but turned it down.

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