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Nintendo announces the Virtual Boy Pro for the Switch



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Nintendo still hasn't given up on the switch. Although the next Big N console is expected to be available sometime next year, today a new addition for this successful hardware has been revealed, which reminds us of one of the biggest failures in its history, the Virtual Boy.

Through an official statement, Nintendo has revealed the Virtual Boy Pro, an augmented reality viewer, similar to the Apple Vision Pro, which allows the Switch to become a highly advanced piece of hardware for the almost 10-year-old components found inside. This is what Shigeru Miyamoto, the person responsible for this new product, commented on the matter:

“When we think about our history of portable hardware, as well as successful and beloved consoles here at Nintendo, we specifically didn't think about the Virtual Boy at all, mainly because it was neither loved nor successful. In reality, it wasn't a console or a portable either.

What was it even? Honestly, that was very strange of us. I still can't believe we did it, if you can call a product that was discontinued almost immediately 'did that'. Anyway, I personally loved it and I've been at Nintendo for a long time, so when I wanted to bring it back they had to listen to me. It's not like they can fire me and I'll never quit. I invented Donkey Kong. He's like King Kong, but much smaller and he wears a tie, as if he were going to a job interview. He changed the world. “I also invented Mario.”

As you could see in the trailer, The Virtual Boy Pro is actually a dock with a cable and a front camera. Here the Switch, similar to LABO, is introduced and players will be able to enjoy multiple titles, such as Mario Kart: Open Road, which allows us to enjoy these races in real life, complete with crashes.

Although at the moment there is no specific information about its release date and price, We know this is a joke on IGN's part because today is April Fools, so no, the Virtual Boy Pro doesn't exist, and probably never will. On related topics, Shigeru Miyamoto appears in Joy Come. Similarly, Elon Musk has bought Rockstar Games.

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Editor's Note:

It's a joke, and a very basic one, but it's something that shows us what would have happened if the Virtual Boy had been a success at the time. Perhaps the development of portable hardware would have been very different. Fortunately, we don't live in that reality, and the only thing we have to worry about is when the Switch 2 will be available.

Via: IGN

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