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Nintendo begins to take action against Palworld




Since last month, one of the games that has been in the spotlight the most is neither more nor less than Palworld, a delivery that combines survival and also the capture of monsters that will help the main characters go through the most complex challenges that come with inhabiting this environment. With this in mind, some designs are quite similar to Pokémon, and although many thought that Nintendo I would not take legal action in this regard, it seems that they are already taking the first step.

Followers can make mods in the game, and one of them has been sent a DMCA by the Japanese company, which tells him that he must eliminate a t-shirt design made for this launch, which supposedly violates copyright regulations. With that in mind, the game's community has not shied away from expressing its frustration over these violations that might not have much to do with the pocket monsters created by Game Freak.

Here is the screenshot of the notice regarding the character Sparkit:

Huh, didn't realize “The Big N” was the legal rights holder to Sparkit…
byu/Bitpix3l inPalworld

This is the first step so that Nintendo begin to debug what is happening in the game, but it is expected that it will not appeal to the design of characters that are original, given that there are some that have no resemblance to the world of the Pokemon. For its part, one that should drop is the mod released in which you can see a skin as is from this franchise, putting Ash as the avatar of the protagonists and other well-known faces that come directly from the anime in question.

Remember that Palworld Is available in Xbox Series X/S and PC. You can also try with Game Pass.

Via: Reddit

AA Pleca-Amazon-OK

Editor's note: It was obvious that they were going to follow this path, but I don't know what fans who create things like character t-shirts have to do with it. I think it would be better if you talked to the developers and reached an agreement that certain designs have to be changed and that's it.

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