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Nobody actually plays 10 tickets, but they are constantly sold out – that's the reason



In EA FC 24 there are some players who are extremely rare on the transfer market. Your values ​​actually don't look that strong. We will explain to you what is behind it and give you suitable examples.

Which cards are rare on the transfer market right now? One or two Team of the Week (TOTW) cards are particularly popular. The TOTWs have actually fallen a bit behind in terms of popularity lately. This is mainly because some events have produced much better special cards.

The latest event is currently impressing with strong players: Future Stars EA FC 24 is live, brings strong icons: All information, players and leaks at a glance

Since EA FC 24, however, there has been a new feature that allows you to convert even seemingly inconspicuous players into really good cards. This gives the TOTWs and other cards a whole new shine.

New evolutions make some cards extremely rare

What are the Evolutions? In the Evolutions you can provide players with several upgrades. The improvements range from stat boosts to new playstyles to upgraded skills for the “weak foot” or special moves. Over time, better and better evolutions have been and are being released.

That's why evolutions make certain players so rare: They are always subject to special requirements. This means that some players are particularly well suited to certain evolutions, for example when they reach the maximum limits of the restrictions. You can find out which card is best for which evolution using the evolution calculator.

In evolutions with potentially strong upgrades, the popularity of some cards is so great that they all but disappear from the transfer market. The reason for this is that many players simply want the best option for the strongest evolutions.

10 highly sought after cards and their corresponding evolutions

Below we will show you a table with some average cards, but which are particularly popular for certain evolutions due to their stats and are therefore extremely rare on the transfer market:

Player (rating) Association Market value in coins (as of 02/14/24) appropriate evolution
TOTW Talisca (84) Al-Nassr 65,000 (sold out) Star on the right
TOTW Sterling (85) Chelsea FC 90,000 (sold out) Brilliant wing professional
TOTW De Marcos (85) Athletic Bilbao 47,500 (sold out) FS-RV professional boost
Scott (85) Hero 35,000 (sold out) FS-RV professional boost
TOTW Clauss (84) Olympique Marseille 60,000 (sold out) FS-RV professional boost
Centurions Ryerson (84) Borussia Dortmund 45,000 (sold out) FS-RV professional boost
TOTW Aursnes (84) Benfica Lisbon 180,000 (sold out) FS-RV professional boost
TOTW Arola Aparicio (83) Sevilla FC 55,000 (sold out) FS-RV professional boost
TOTW Tavernier (82) Glasgow Rangers 65,000 (sold out) FS-RV professional boost
TOTW Carlos Soler (84) Paris Saint Germain 60,000 (sold out) FS-RV professional boost

If you happen to have one of these players in your club, you can consider completing the appropriate evolution. Otherwise, one or two cards could even bring you a nice profit on the transfer market if you have them in a tradeable manner.

As new evolutions continue to be added and others expire, we will update the table frequently. So check back regularly to always be up to date.

Fittingly: The Champions League and the other international competitions are also starting again. In addition to exciting matches, the knockout round also promises a number of upgrades for the Road to the Final (RTTF) players. With our RTTF tracker you won't miss any appointments or progress on the dynamic maps.

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