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Not a new Batman, but a fun loot shooter



Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was heavily criticized before its release. Loot, seasons and a service game model are a far cry from the original Batman series. MeinMMO author Nikolas Hernes has played the game and thinks that Suicide Squad is a good shooter despite many criticisms.

I love the Batman Arkham games and after over 8 years I was finally happy to get a new DC game from Rocksteady. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League received a lot of criticism even before its release. Live service aspects, generic mission design, and the change in genre left many fans of the series lacking in anticipation.

Now the game is out and the reviews show that a lot of people seem to be dissatisfied with the game. I, on the other hand, have a lot of fun with the game and think that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has become a really good shooter, at least if you get involved with the game structure.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League – Batman Trailer

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The fight against god-like heroes

Let's start with a positive aspect: the story and the characters. I liked the evil Justice League premise. As in Injustice, the question of how to defeat these god-like heroes alone is a big attraction.

In terms of humor, the game is similar to James Gunn's Suicide Squad film. The characters are vulgar, brutal and constantly talk nonsense. The combination of King Shark, Captain Boomerang and Harley is especially fun. Deadshot could have used a little more character and interactions. The other recurring villains also have theirs malicious Charm.

The Justice League itself needed more backstory. Although Batman has a lot of presence in the story and is the commander of Brainiac's forces, the other heroes remain relatively flat. This is mainly because you don't get any background information. A cool aspect, however, is how you deal with the cheeky sayings of the former heroes. Having the cheeky answers now on the bad side makes them seem much more threatening.

How the heroes in the story are ultimately dealt with is a controversial topic for many. In my opinion, this is fitting for a Suicide Squad game. Task Force X consists of villains, some of whom have their own vendetta against the heroes. Despite her good Mission, however, are still villains who enjoy attacking the Justice League and have no moral code.

After winning the mission, King Shark sits in a pool

A good loot shooter with small problems

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reminds me of Borderlands 2 and the great moments it had. After quick, good-feeling battles, there is new loot to improve my character.

The 4 playable characters differ primarily in their movement options and their weapon types. Although everyone has their own skill tree, this almost exclusively refers to passive bonuses and buffs that come into play in a combo system. What bothers me most is that Rocksteady hardly lets off steam with the characters. Although they all play a little differently, at their core they remain somewhat flat:

  • King Shark's physicality and animalistic strength are rarely used in combat
  • Harley Quinn doesn't use typical clown gadgets, just grenades like any other character
  • Captain Boomerang has Flash's Speed ​​Force, but in gameplay it is only used when moving
  • Deadshot's hand cannons are only used for melee attacks

There is a lot of potential left here. You could have easily made different classes out of the 4 characters – like in a role-playing game.

In combination with the fun shooting and the verticality of the city, there is still a nice flow in most fights. What I liked best was King Shark, who jumps straight into the action with his punches from the air and deals it out in close combat.

In the fight itself, there is usually a lot of chaos, in keeping with the Suicide Squad itself. But this chaos can be brought under control with the 3 skills, grenades and various elements, which was the main feature when building the build for me.

The open world of Suicide Squad fits the movement perfectly and has many Easter eggs

A beautiful city full of the same missions

The main part of the game is spent in Metropolis. The city is perfectly designed for movement, which meant I never had the desire to fast travel.

Metropolis is fantastically presented and gives the feeling of being in the DC world. The world of the Arkham games is expanding and references to the Daily Planet where Superman works made my nerd heart beat faster. As in the previous games, Rocksteady has once again put a lot of effort into building an organic and logical city design.

However, the mission structure leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the time it comes down to killing a lot of enemies. The boss fights could also have been a little more spectacular for my taste, most of them require the same approach. After all, the events are often lightened up by stupid conversations.

Due to the quick fights, the lack of variety is hardly noticeable. But the missions are perfect for dull but fun gameplay. There is no annoying waiting, everything can be done quickly and efficiently.

The colleagues from GameStar gave just 68 points in the detailed test. A little too little for me, but I understand where that comes from

Aside from the story, I play Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League like I play Diablo 4. Of course I would also like a new Batman, but Rocksteady tried out a new genre here and I think the attempt was successful.

You can see how the new characters and seasons will perform with the Joker in March. Despite a lot of criticism, players on Steam are positively impressed by the game: A new loot shooter on Steam is currently exciting players, but many say: Wait for a sale

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