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NVIDIA is the most successful company in the world




NVIDIAthe beloved company responsible for the graphics card in many of our PCs, has become the most valuable company in the world, surpassing Microsoft, Google, Apple and more. All this is due to the increase in the artificial intelligence market, and the emphasis that NVIDIA has given to this section in recent years.

At the close of business yesterday, June 18, 2024, NVIDIA’s stock market capital reached $3.3 billion, positioning itself ahead of companies that had the honor of being the most valuable in the world. Along with this, the company’s shares rose 3.2% in this Tuesday’s session, and stood at $135.21 dollars, which increased its value by $103 billion dollars.


This is something that many have already expected. In so far this year, NVIDIA shares have appreciated 173%. In comparison, Microsoft shares have only seen an increase of 19%, and Apple’s 11%. In 2019, one NVIDIA share in June 2019 cost $3.79, and now $135.58, which represents an increase of 3477.31% in five years.

As we already mentioned, Part of this is due to the company’s focus on artificial intelligence in recent years. years, making it clear that their investment in this market has had positive results. On related topics, NVIDIA issues warning about artificial intelligence. Likewise, Mexico would be the new epicenter for NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence.


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Author’s Note:

In an ever-changing market, it will be interesting to see how long we see NVIDIA as the most successful company on the planet. Maybe this will only last a couple of days, or years. It all depends on whether artificial intelligence continues to be as important to the industry.


Via: Tech Power Up


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