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OFFICIAL: Xbox will bring four games to Switch and PS5



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During the podcast Xbox Today, Phil Spencer finally put an end to the multiplatform rumors, pointing out that four exclusive Xbox titles will reach other consoles. However, this is all that will be available outside of the Series X|S and PC and, to the surprise of many, none of these are starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

In his talk, Spencer did not mention what these titles will be. However, he did reveal that these are games that have been available on Xbox and PC for a year or more. Of these, two are community experiences, that is, where the players have an important role in the experience, as it could well be Sea of ​​Thieves. For its part, the last couple are small experiences that were not intended as exclusive, as they could be HiFi Rush and Pentiment. This is what Spencer said about it:

“We say that we will take four games to the other consoles, only four, it is not a fundamental change to our exclusivity strategy. In reality, we make every decision with the long-term health of Xbox in mind. And the long-term health of Xbox means a growing platform, making our games work, building the best platform for creators, and reaching as many players as we can.

We are always looking to learn as a leadership team and grow. And we think this is an interesting time for us to use what some of the other platforms have now to help grow our franchises. So let’s do that.”

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no exact information about what these four experiences are that will be available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. However, we know that Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, which were rumored a few weeks ago, will remain an exclusive on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Regarding what was commented, Spencer's comments indicate that Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment and Sea of ​​Thieves They could be the games that will be available on other platforms, leaving only one title in complete mystery.

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