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Ori creators comment against Game Pass




To date, it has not been so clear how Game Pass helps the development teams of certain games, especially for those who work independently, since many users always seek to use this platform before purchasing a title directly. It doesn't matter if you ended up wanting to buy it for months. And that leads us to a rather curious comment on the part of Moon Studioswho created the franchise Ori and its two video games on the market.

Through a publication on Twitter, the CEO of the study called Thomas Mahler, has mentioned that he has received many messages about how he can help Moongiven this, it puts a couple of links to the two video games on platforms like Steamleaving aside the store Microsoft. To later be questioned by a fan about why I don't talk about that platform, and the answer was that in Xbox have Game Pass and the membership does not help the developers in any way.

Here a description of the games Ori:

The Ori saga is a platform and adventure video game series developed by the independent studio Moon Studios and published by Xbox Game Studios. As of my knowledge in January 2022, the Ori saga consists of two main games:

1.- Ori and the Blind Forest: Released in 2015, this is the first game in the series. It is a 2D platformer with beautiful visual aesthetics and an exciting narrative. Players take on the role of Ori, a small spirit of light, who must navigate a magical and dangerous world to save the Forest of Nibel from corruption.

1.- Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Released in 2020, this is the second game in the series. Continue Ori's story and expand the world with new environments, abilities and challenges. Players explore a vast, beautiful world filled with fascinating characters as they search for lost friends and discover the fate of Ori.

Both games stand out for their gorgeous animation, captivating soundtrack, and challenging yet rewarding gameplay. The Ori saga has been praised for both its visual art and emotional narrative, becoming one of the most beloved franchises in the platform game genre.

Remember that you can buy these games at Steam and also the eShop of nintendo switch.

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Editor's note: These are incredible games, and the work of the team should be appreciated, as they are independent to this day, despite the fact that it is implied that they are exclusive to Xbox, something similar to the issue that was had with Cuphead years ago.

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