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Palworld: Find and farm bones



In Palworld you need bones for medicine and other items. We'll explain to you how best to get them.

What are bones needed for? You need bones in Palworld to produce various items. These include, for example, medicine for your pals, cement for building the bases or the mega glider. Therefore, you should make sure to have a reasonable supply of bones.

To obtain bones, you basically have two different approaches. The first way to get bones is by defeating Pals or catching them. The second option is to buy them from traveling traders.

Here you can find the trailer for Palworld.

Palworld shows the little monsters in massive action in the early access trailer

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These Pals will give you bones

Which Pals can give me bones? If you defeat or catch one of the following Pals, you can earn bones:

Pal element
Anubis Earth
Bushi Fire
Cawgnito Shadow
Gorirat Neutral
Loupmoon Shadow
Maraith Shadow
Rushoar Earth
Vanwyrm Fire/Shadow
Vanwyrm Cryst Ice/Shadow
Verdash grass
Fixy Neutral

When you face off against the Pals, pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the elements in Palworld so that you can defeat them more easily.

Farming bones – top locations for every level

Farm bones at level 10

A good place where you can farm bones at a low level is around the small settlement, where you can also find a merchant. Both north and south of the settlement you will find Rushoar and Vixy, both of whom will have bones for you once you catch or defeat them.

Farm bones starting at level 15

If you are already level 15 or higher, there is another good spot for you to get bones. To do this, travel at night to the Entrance to the Gorge waypoint and follow the paths to the west from here. There you will meet the pals Cawgnito and Loupmoon, both of whom are also good for farming bones.

This is what bones look like in Palworld

Buy bones

If you want to buy bones instead, you'll need to find a traveling merchant. However, these can be difficult to detect. You are guaranteed to find one in the small settlement. Here you can spend your gold on bones instead of farming them.

What do you say about Palworld? Are you already in the middle of a fever and busy gaming? Have you had any trouble getting to bones or are you swimming in them? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments. Be sure to take a look at our guides to Palworld so that you don't miss any good tips about Palworld.

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