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Palworld shows picture of a new feature that gives you more control over your Pals



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Since the launch of Palworld, players have wanted a feature that has long been available in colony simulations like RimWorld: a “management system” that assigns workers to certain tasks or prohibits them from doing other tasks. Palworld's community manager has now promised a similar system. A “Paul Management” should appear with a future update.

What is this feature? In games where you guide workers like RimWorld, Dwarf Fortress or Going Medieval, such features already exist:

  • It is a management system through which you instruct your workers exactly which tasks they should and should not complete
  • This allows individual workers to specialize and work according to their strengths
  • One servant can then only take care of preparing the food, while another is expressly forbidden to come anywhere near the cooking pot

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Image in Discord promises new management system

This picture now showed Palworld: The community manager Bucky now showed a picture in the Discord.

The picture shows 10 different Pals with their levels and a total of 13 different tasks. The Pals can then be assigned which tasks they should and should not complete.

In games like RimWorld it is also possible to assign clear priorities from 1 to 4 to the tasks in an expanded menu. Also applies. Tasks further to the left have priority over tasks further to the right.

As Gamesradar knows, the management system is apparently linked to the “monitoring status”. In the future, it should be possible to activate or deactivate the management system during installation.

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When is that supposed to come? This is not yet entirely clear at the moment. However, the community manager gives indications that the management system could come to PalWorld together with the new raid boss.

He writes: “If you don’t mess with Bellanoir, enjoy some relaxed base management.”

We already reported on the 1st raid boss in Palworld on MeinMMO on Friday:

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