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Papaplatte explains why money is no longer so important to him when it comes to streaming



In a stream on Twitch with LetsHugoTV, Papaplatte spoke about his attitude towards money, emphasizing that financial success is no longer as important to him as it once was.

The Twitch streamer Papaplatte has become increasingly successful in recent years. It now has an average viewership of over 30,000 people (via Sullygnome).

His enormous success was also evident at the Streamawards 2023, where he won nine awards. In addition, Papaplatte hosted its own event at the Rudolf Weber Arena in Oberhausen earlier this year with the Motor Games 2024.

HandOfBlood is also one of the successful streamers and YouTubers:

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The focus is on simply having fun

Where did the topic come up? In a past stream, an excerpt of which was posted on TikTok on February 2nd, Papaplatte talks to fellow streamer LetsHugo about financial income.

LetsHugo says that 50,000 euros a month is still not enough for him – but then laughs and says that it was a joke.

Why is money no longer important to him? Papaplatte then replies that there was a time when he really thought like that and in the past he always thought about how he could earn even more. This is different now:

I also went through a phase where I thought that money was even more important to me. (…) I used to think more about how I could earn more money. (…) Now I just want to make sure I have a lot of fun doing the things I do.

LetsHugo says that Papaplatte already has “a lot of money”. Papaplatte answers:

I think it's just like that, at some point I was making like 20K a month or something and thought it would be sick to make 50K a month. Then at some point I made 50K, or more. My life has changed 0%. So really 0%. The only thing that changes is that I can put even more aside.

He doesn’t plan on putting “3 Lambos” in front of his door. Financially, he achieved all the goals he wanted to achieve.

You can see the clip about the topic here:

@surftainment Papaplatte & LetsHugo about their income 🤑@surftainment #papaplatte #letshugo #papaplatteclips #fyp #viral #letshugotv #papaplattememes #letshugoclips #money #income #surftainment #money #salary #streamer salary #csgosurfing #csgosurf #cs2surf #cssurf ♬ Original sound – Surftainment

This is how the community reacts: The community's opinions are divided over the clip on TikTok. While one side seems to think it's nice that Papaplatte thinks it's more important to have fun with what he does, the other side sees it a little differently.

Some criticize that the words chosen by Papaplatte are easy to say if you don't have any money worries:

  • hypnoticmuscles writes: “It has changed 0%,” except that I was able to set aside the annual salary of normal earners
  • guesdt6 says: “Sure, if you have enough in real estate, stocks and other investments, you don’t care about money because you know you’ve got it covered.”
  • _josch_x notes: Of course it's no longer the case because now he gets the 50-60k

Papaplatte recently lost 50,000 euros in one night. You can read how he did it here: Twitch streamer Papaplatte sleeps one night, but loses 50,000 euros – that's how it happened

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