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Pensioner tries to guess Twitch streamer Trymacs’ profession based on his upper arms



Twitch streamer Trymacs experiences numerous adventures on his 600-kilometer scooter tour from Milan to Munich. A bizarre encounter with a pensioner in particular causes laughter.

Who is Trymacs? Maximilian Stemmler, better known by his online pseudonym Trymacs, is one of the biggest names on the German streaming platform Twitch. Since the beginning of his career, he has made a name for himself primarily through mobile games from Supercell, such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.


The Hamburg native is known for regularly planning large projects in which he invites other streamers. One example is a recently launched fitness challenge in which he and his colleagues are trying to get more athletic again.

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Pensioner calls the troop “gods”

How did the meeting come about? A particularly amusing moment occurs during the scooter tour that Trymacs is on with his fellow streamers, when the group stops at a railroad crossing to wait for a passing train. An elderly lady joins them.

Curious because of the loud shouts of the fans who recognize the streamers, she wants to know who the young men are. An entertaining conversation develops, during which the pensioner jokingly remarks that the group must appear like “gods” to the young people.


They let the pensioner guess what profession they do

How did the conversation continue? The group is so amused by the conversation with the pensioner that they decide to ask her to guess what jobs they do. They are especially curious to hear what the lady thinks about Trymacs’s profession.

After a brief moment of reflection and a testing grip on his upper arm to test his muscles, she comes to an unexpected conclusion: she explains that she thinks he is a floor acrobat.


This surprising assessment causes Trymacs and his companions to laugh a lot. Unfortunately, due to the noisy train in the background, it is not possible to follow the entire conversation.

What kind of event is this anyway? On June 8, Trymacs started an ambitious scooter tour that would take him and his companions from Milan across Lake Constance back to Munich – a total distance of 600 kilometers.


He documents this extraordinary journey live on his Twitch channel so that his fans can be there first hand. At his side are his streamer colleagues Nooreax, noahzett28 and Zarbex.

The tour has not been going smoothly so far: Nooreax had an accident on the very first day, and Trymacs struggled with bronchitis during the tour. In addition, there were several bizarre and unexpected events.


Trymacs, one of the biggest German streamers on Twitch, is also taking the lead internationally in a new mobile game. His well-filled wallet is certainly helping him. You can read more about it here: Twitch: Trymacs has a secret tool that makes him the biggest in the new mobile game – his wallet

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