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Peter Moore talks about the future of Xbox



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One of the biggest topics of conversation in 2024 has been the position of Xbox in the video game industry. Multiple reports and rumors have indicated that Microsoft would be planning to abandon console production, to focus entirely on the development of third-party games. Although it seems that this will not happen in the immediate future, Peter Moore, who oversaw the Xbox 360 era, has noted that these conversations are already underway.

In an interview with IGN, Moore, who worked alongside SEGA during the Dreamcast failure, and played an important role at Xbox in the 360 ​​red ring era, talked about the current state of the Microsoft division, and revealed that he wouldn't be surprised if this is the last generation of consoles for Xbox. This is what he commented:


“I'm sure Microsoft would love to see everything move to the cloud. The only thing Microsoft doesn't play as well as the others is the smartphone business, right? Because Apple, Google and mobile phone manufacturers will benefit enormously from there, and they are already doing so. They are making tens of billions of dollars without really trying in games with 30% royalties,

Generation Z is coming in and they're saying, Why do I have to spend four or $500 on a custom-made piece of gaming hardware when I have my smartphone or my PC or my Mac and I can do things? Is there pretty decent control?”

Along with this, Moore has pointed out that part of this is due to the fact that new generations are no longer interested in buying specific hardware to enjoy their games, and want to have everything in one place. Likewise, time has become a currency that companies like Microsoft want to have in their hands, but this means that it now has to compete with apps like TikTok:


“What can I do in the next 10, 12 minutes? What can I do on my lunch break? And there's so much pressure on the gaming experience from everything else in this world, this incredibly and perhaps over-connected world dominated by social media content, TikTok videos. Games, while still strong (let's not forget that we probably made $200 billion this year), are fragmented into regions, into different content, and there are a limited number of hours in the day and there are many options to use those hours. Information, entertainment, more and more content, YouTube, streaming channels… for me it's Apple TV, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Amazon Prime, and it goes on and on. And linear television now takes a backseat, but with that immense opportunity to sit back and binge on content instead of interacting with a console.”

Finally, Moore spoke about the possibility of Halo on PlayStation consolessomething that even remembers being a topic of conversation during the Xbox 360 era:

“I think the words first-party and third-party can disappear. It's just going to be that way, we make fantastic games and we offer a phenomenal service where you can play our games, both our own and third-party games, those are hardware legacies.

I remember conversations about Halo on PlayStation. You are constantly looking. You get into war games, which we did before the Xbox 360 launched as a team


Look, if Microsoft says, wait, we're making $250 million on our own platforms, but if we then take Halo as, let's call it a third party, we could make a billion… You have to think a lot about that. , good? I mean, you have to go, yeah, should it be kept? It is a piece of intellectual property. It's bigger than just a game. And how is that used? Those are the conversations that always happen about how to leverage them in everything we would do.

It's had its ups and downs, but look, Xbox wouldn't be what Xbox is without Halo. But yeah, I'm sure those conversations are happening. If they come to fruition, who knows? But they are definitely happening, I'm sure.”


Although the words of Peter Moore, who has had an extensive career in the industry, give us an idea of ​​the path that Microsoft may take in the future, At the moment there is no official information that confirms or denies the position that Xbox will take in the next generation. Maybe we don't see consoles anymore, or Halo will come to more platforms. At the end of the day, Microsoft has taken a position completely focused on making money, and if they abandon what they have done works for them, then this will be their next step. On related topics, these are the Xbox games coming to PlayStation and Switch. Likewise, Phil Spencer talks about Call of Duty on Game Pass.

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Editor's Note:


It is very likely that Xbox will continue experimenting with exclusivity, consoles and third-party releases during this generation. The interesting thing will be to see what he does next. Taking into account everything that has worked and what hasn't, we will see if they continue with traditional hardware, or go in a completely different direction.

Via: IGN


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