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Player analyzes the value of all items in Palworld for 120 hours



Every item in Palworld has its own sales value. But which one will make you the biggest profit? A player asked himself this question. He analyzed every single item for a full 120 hours and came to a surprising result.

How much are the items in Palworld worth? That depends on various factors. All items – including weapons, armor, food and ammunition – cost different prices. For example, the most expensive item in the game is the Homing Sphere Launcher.

This weapon costs 15,000 gold and can be sold for 46,000 gold. This results in a profit of 31,000 gold. So at first glance, this weapon is the most profitable. But a Reddit user wanted to know exactly.

He not only compared the costs and the sales price, but also calculated how much labor is required.

Also important for the new analysis: How difficult are the raw materials needed for each item to find? For example, some resources, such as ore, are easier to obtain than others. And some of the most expensive items, such as the aforementioned Homing Sphere Launcher, require very rare raw materials to produce.

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After 120 hours the player knew the most valuable item

What did the analysis reveal? First of all, a lot of work. The user Borax_the_Mighty stated in his post on Reddit that he invested a full 120 hours in the analysis. Just finding out the sales prices of each of the 140 items took time.

In the end, the user was surprised by the result. The item with the biggest prize was simple nails. Yes, you read that right. Nails. This item is easy to make and sells well.

How do you get nails? Nails are made from 1x Iron Ingot. The best way to do this is to use an iron farm. 2x nails are made from one ingot. Each nail brings 160 gold.

The iron bar alone would only fetch 20 gold when sold. If you use 30 manpower, you have 2x nails of 160 each. You sell them for 320 and get a profit of 300 gold. A pretty good value.

Following this principle, some of the other items on the top list are also quite surprising. Pizza follows in second place. The full top 10 is as follows:

  1. Nails
  2. Pizza
  3. Berry
  4. Wool
  5. Wheat
  6. tomatoes
  7. Repair kit
  8. Cooked meat
  9. bread with jam
  10. Mega Shield

You can find the complete analysis with a list of all the items available in the game in a separate Google Drive document that the Reddit user created publicly. He explains his list in more detail in a video on YouTube.

How does the community react? The players who commented on the Reddit post are surprised by the results of the analysis. The fact that nails are the most profitable item makes for many a tongue-in-cheek joke.

Lazy-Singer4391 writes: “That moment when I realized that selling nails is better than crafting ammo…”

With the gold you earn, you can simply buy the valuable ammunition for your weapons instead of crafting them.

The community also likes the fact that pizza is so profitable: “Standard mafia business. Pizza in the front, ammunition in the back,” writes user Tunatron_Prime.

Lofus1989, however, suspects that the nails, and perhaps other items, could soon be nerfed in terms of profit. After all, the game receives regular updates. Here you can find all information about the latest patch.

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