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Player catches legendary Pal with just a single sphere because he uses the right moment and is lucky



A player posted a video on reddit in which he was really lucky in Palworld: he caught a legendary Pal with just a single sphere – with a catch chance of 4%.

To catch Legendary Pals in Palworld, players often need tons of orbs and numerous attempts.

But a Reddit user posted a video in which he caught the legendary Pal Frostallion in one fell swoop – even though he had prepared a total of 75 legendary spheres for his endeavor in advance.

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The player took advantage of the right moment to make the catch

Reddit user HaruMistborn posted a video on February 5, 2024 with the description: “At level 45 I made 75 legendary orbs to try and catch Frostallion…”

In the video you can see him flying towards the legendary Pal Frostallion, which is currently sleeping on the ice.

You can watch the video for yourself on reddit here:

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The player then maneuvers into a suitable position to throw a legendary sphere at the sleeping Pal. The “back bonus” increased the chance of catching a little, but was still just 4%.

And sure enough, the level 50 Frostallion is trapped. Of the 75 spheres created, the player only needed one to add the legendary Ice Pal to their collection.

How does the community react? The community reacts positively to the video. Some users joke that Frostallion will have a rude awakening.

Another player with the name skulledredditor congratulates on the catch and reports on his own experience of adding the legendary Pal to his own collection:

“Congratulations on your success! 4% is all you need sometimes. I saw a handful of streamers catching it with abysmal ratings, so once a night or so I'd go up and throw a bullet at it to see if I had any luck. I ended up having to fight the thing down to 136hp and caught it with a Hyper Sphere at 2%.”

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