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Player gets no loot for completing the new raid because his 6-year-old son makes a tragic decision



A player didn’t receive any loot for completing the new raid in Destiny 2 and his 6-year-old son is to blame.

With the current expansion “The Final Shape,” Destiny 2 received a new raid called “Edge of Salvation.” The final boss fight of the raid is against the Witness, who poses great challenges to the Guardians as a powerful adversary in the saga of light and darkness.


The final boss fight of the new raid is also no easy task. In the world first race, it took 19 hours until the witness was defeated by a team for the first time and the raid was completed.

Although the World First race and the contest mode of Edge of Salvation are now over, the raid remains an activity that costs time and can be nerve-wracking. It is all the more tragic when you don’t get any loot for your efforts.


Destiny 2: The Final Shape Edge of Salvation Raid Trailer


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Player gets no loot because he has children

Who is the person you are talking about? The tragic protagonist of the story is the Twitch streamer “KingGothalion,” who has around a million followers on the streaming service and regularly appears in front of over 2,000 viewers.

Since the release of The Final Shape, KingGothalion has been playing Destiny 2 regularly in his streams and has also completed the new raid. But when he and his team brought the witness to his knees, the streamer’s game locked and he was left without any loot.


Why didn’t the player get any loot? A few seconds after the boss’s health bar was completely emptied, KingGothalion found himself on his desktop. Steam had closed the application – just before his fellow players received the loot for completing the raid.

The streamer was confused and thought his game or Steam had crashed. But when he tried to restart Destiny 2, he found a telltale error message from Steam:


“You are logged in on another computer and are already playing ‘Bluey: The Videogame’. If you start Destiny 2 here, the other session will be disconnected from Steam.”

The solution to the puzzle: While the final seconds of the boss fight were running, Brad, KingGothalion’s 6-year-old son, also felt like gaming and started a game called “Bluey: The Videogame” on another device.


Since one account cannot play multiple games on different computers at the same time, Steam terminated Destiny 2 on the streamer’s PC – at the most unfortunate moment.

You can see a clip of the situation here on (formerly Twitter):


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In the comments on, a user asked if Gothalion had received the loot in the post station or if he had come away empty-handed. The streamer then explained that they had to play the raid again.

Gothalion also writes that his son has his own PC and access to an account with Family Share, but somehow he still ended up on the streamer’s account.


What loot did the player miss? With the victory over the witness, KingGothalion would have expected the following loot:

  • Summum Bonum – Sword (Arcus)
  • Null and Void – Pulse Rifle (Solar)
  • Critical Anomaly – Sniper Rifle (Stasis)
  • Euphony – Linear Fusion Rifle (Strand) – Raid Exo

The new exotic fusion rifle Euphony is particularly interesting for players. If you continuously deal damage with the weapon, threadlings spawn that also deal damage and thus increase the Euphony’s total damage.

A complete overview of all the loot you can get in the new raid “Edge of Salvation” can be found on MeinMMO: Destiny 2: Edge of Salvation – You can unlock this loot

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