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Player invites a friend to Baldur's Gate 3



bg3 spieler zerstoert run eines freundes

In Baldur's Gate 3, Honor Mode is intended for players who want to take on an extreme challenge. Every mistake, no matter how small, can lead to game over. A player destroyed his friend's run with just a single cantrip.

What is Honor Mode? Honor Mode in Baldur's Gate 3 is a hardcore gaming option where only a single save exists and you cannot save scumming. So you only have one chance and if your group dies, then you lose. This mode is intended for experienced players looking for an extreme challenge.

A player named Lordlyweevil78 has ventured into Honor mode. After just 50 minutes of play, he received a request from a friend who wanted to join the game. Since the player didn't have much to lose, he agreed to include the friend in his adventure – a big mistake, as it turned out.

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Over the next 5 minutes a wild series of events happened

What happened? The player shared his story on Reddit. Within just 5 minutes, the friend used a single cantrip to ensure that Honor Mode was in ruins. During a dialogue, the friend decided to use the cantrip Friends to cast the friendly leader of the Tieflings in the Emerald Grove – namely Zevlor.

What dialogue is it about? This is the scene when you first enter the Emerald Grove after successfully defending the grove against a few goblins. Zevlor and a curly-haired mercenary argue and things threaten to escalate.

But you can easily calm the situation through dialogue – without any Friends to cast, which makes Lordlyweevil78 even more critical of his friend's decision, even if he obviously only meant well.

Cantrip Friends destroys honor run

What happened after that? After the friend cast the cantrip on Zevlor, Zevlor's mood was anything but friendly. Because Zevlor kicked the players in the ass and put them in prison with the goblin lady Sazza.

The player says the following:

The scene where she (Sazza) is threatened plays and pulls me out of prison, where the game thinks I should be, which is the dialogue You should be in jail his triggers.

We fail at dialogue I shouldn't be in prison, you're crazy so suddenly the whole grove wants to beat us up and we're level 2 with no weapons, to make a long story short, we're getting beaten down.

Lordlyweevil78 on Reddit

What does the cantrip do? With Friends You gain advantage on Charisma checks against non-hostile creatures. You use it to cast a spell on someone to manipulate the dialogue in your favor. If the cantrip is successful, the target considers you a friend and is inclined to act kindly and even help.

This allows you to:

  • Get important information
  • Gain an advantage in negotiations
  • Convince an NPC to help you, for example

But here comes the catch: The cantrip can cause friendly characters to suddenly become hostile. Because who wants to be manipulated? So when the spell wears off, the target may know they have been charmed.

At best you use it Friends against NPCs that you never want to meet again afterwards.

Especially in Honor mode, this can quickly lead to a fatal error and ruin your run, as this story impressively shows.

Now you are asked: Have you ever lost an honor run because of a careless mistake? Feel free to write it to us in the comments.

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