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Player masters Honor Mode for 80 hours, then fails a single dialogue



In Baldur's Gate 3, Honor mode is the hardest difficulty level. Every mistake, no matter how small, including bugs, can lead to game over – which a player has now had to experience bitterly.

What is Honor Mode? If you're looking for a particularly difficult challenge, then Honor mode is just right for you. In this difficulty level you only have one chance, with no option to reload the game.


Every decision must therefore be carefully considered as there is no way to correct mistakes. So Honor mode is similar to the hardcore mode of other games and there is no option Save scumming to operate if, for example, you are dissatisfied with a dice roll.

Spoiler: The article contains story spoilers about Act 3.


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How did the run fail? On Reddit, player Daxtr0 writes that he completed his 80-hour run in Honor mode the stupidest way has lost. His adventure in the game's third act ended not with an epic boss fight, but with faulty dialogue.

He had already played through the game twice before and was confident that he could overcome the challenges in Act 3. Together with his companion Lae'zel, he entered the astral prism to free Orpheus.


He began to speak to the Emperor about releasing Orpheus. But out any reason He decided to denounce the lies and deceptions of the Emperor (the true identity of your Guardian-turned-mind-flayer) and express his distrust of him – which proved to be a fatal mistake for him.

The player writes:


I don't know why I did that, it just made sense to me that my character wanted to trust the Emperor but obviously couldn't because he was a lying bastard. He responded with a few words in a random order, and the next dialogue was reduced to a single option: “Next.” I pressed the button and I saw my character handing the stones (nesser stones) to the squid (mind flayer)! (…)

Like, what? In just a few seconds he uses the stones, devours Orpheus, runs away, the Elder Brain finds me, I am turned into an octopus and the game is over. (…) I should have just beaten his ass right then and there. I'm an idiot…

Daxtr0 on Reddit


Luckily I'm not that stupid

Many players have pointed out in the comments under his post that this is a known bug in the game where the option Further does not display the actual dialogue options that the player can actually choose from. The player assumed that the Next button was the consequence of his decision.

I'm not sure if that makes me happy or even sadder that this bug appeared at such a crucial point in the game, but oh wellwrites Daxtr0 and thanks the community for their support.


In Act 1, a new player aims to get rid of the parasite and trusts Lae'zel. However, her partner laughs at her for it: Baldur's Gate 3: “I laughed at my wife for 10 minutes” – player starts her first run, naively trusting a companion

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