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Player takes 2 weeks vacation



A gamer returns from vacation and is amazed when he comes home. His gaming mouse is stuck in a block of plastic. Behind this lies an act of revenge by an acquaintance, who had been played a similar prank on him.

An irritated gamer says that he had been on vacation for two lovely weeks. But the big surprise only came when he got home and returned to his desk. He posted a picture on Reddit with the note: someone had cast his gaming mouse in resin.


What is behind the campaign? The player explains that it is an act of revenge by an acquaintance. When the acquaintance was on vacation, he played a joke and planted watercress in his keyboard.

The whole thing isn’t a big loss, by the way. The player wrote that it was a mouse for two euros.


Some people in the community are already joking: The resin used to cast the mouse probably cost more than the player’s cheap mouse.


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Resin is now mainly used in 3D printing

What is resin anyway? Resin is usually a casting resin that is obtained from the drying of natural resins. Resin is used today primarily in 3D printing because it can be used to create very fine structures. Resin should not be confused with epoxy resin, which has similar properties but hardens itself. Resin requires UV light to really harden.


Casting hardware in resin is actually quite unusual, because the hardware is usually no longer usable afterwards. Even if you manage to free the hardware from the resin. A YouTuber came up with the controversial idea of ​​casting Gameboy devices in synthetic resin and building a desk out of it. It didn’t take long for the gamers to react in anger. More than seven million people watched the campaign in the end.

Are there any positive examples? Materials and products from 3D printing are particularly popular in case modding. The developer Inony from Thailand used a shark as a model for one of the most exciting PC systems. You can see the little masterpiece here on MeinMMO: One of the most exciting gaming PCs looks like a shark – this is how it was built

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