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Players fear losing the galactic campaign because of one type of player



In Helldivers 2 the galactic campaign is not going as planned. Now it turns out farmers are to blame. The community is angry and demands changes.

What is the Galactic Campaign? The Galactic Campaign is the overarching mission in the game. The aim is to free planets in the galaxy from enemies. To do this, players undertake operations on planets. Each operation consists of several missions, each of which gives players experience points and requisitions.

However, one type of player is exploiting this system and risking the entire galactic campaign.

You can watch the announcement trailer for Helldivers 2 here.

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Farmers quickly accumulate losses for Super Earth

Who is risking the campaign? On Reddit, user LicensetoIll made it clear to players that farmers make you lose campaigns. The farmers would abort the operation after the first mission and thus receive experience points and requisitions, but would ensure that they would not make any progress in conquering the planet.

As a result of the failed operation, the players as a community lose more and more planets to their opponents.

Reddit user Riker1701NCC sums up the problem: “By the time a legitimate group has completed their entire operation, farmers have already rolled back over 15 operations from 3-minute eradication missions.”

What do the developers say about this? In another Reddit post, user Tastrix published a developer response on the topic. The developers say: “Yes, giving up after only half of the operation counts as a loss for Super Earth.”

What do the players say about this? The players see the developers as having a duty to design the rewards in such a way that farmers do not hinder the galactic campaign.

In addition, many players have difficulty completing the evacuations. You yourself admit that you don't complete many operations – without any farm intention. The comments are collected under LicensetoIll's post:

PhillipJGuy writes: “It's not just farmers, I'm losing planets for us too.”

To which smallfrie32 replies: “Same here. Hard difficulty extractions are crazy. We had three full tanks falling on us and then another map where the civilians were falling out and crowding the door. 10 were killed with a robo-grenade.”

Nathanael777 also writes: “Honestly, I think part of the problem is that defensive campaigns always include an evacuation mission, which in my opinion is by far the most difficult mission type in the game, exacerbated by some absolutely ridiculous enemy spawns on higher difficulties.”

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