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Players find evidence in Helldivers 2 that a new enemy faction is already involved



In the current shooter hit Helldivers 2 (Steam, PS5), there are increasing indications that a faction from part 1, the Illuminati, will also appear in part 2. Players share their experiences in clips on YouTube and Reddit. But the game director of the game explains this as propaganda: blue laser beams are not real and cannot hurt players.

This is the situation:

  • A few days ago, data miners found evidence that an enemy faction from Part 1, the “Illuminated”, would also appear in Part 2. We reported about it on MeinMMO on March 12th.
  • These Illuminated are a highly developed extraterrestrial civilization that already appeared in Helldivers 1 as an opponent of the over-earth. Data miners found evidence of enemy types such as Adept, Ghoul, Outcast, Pathfinder or Summoner. In Part 1 they could teleport and showed the horrifying visage of their tentacled faces.
  • There are now increasing indications that the Illuminated are already appearing in the game.

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Players show blue laser beams

This is what players say: Clips from players' experiences are now being posted in the Helldivers 2 reddit, showing inexplicable blue laser beams that appear to be shot out of the sky and injure players, but also bugs.

The players write: “Blue laser beams discovered.”

A veteran from Part 1 writes: “No joke, these blue laser beams are giving me post-traumatic stress.”

But there are also many players who believe the “Ministry of Truth” and clearly dismiss the images as propaganda and scaremongering:

  • These are just weather phenomena, says one.
  • Another thinks they are “birds taken from an awkward angle.”

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In doing so, they based themselves on the developers of the game. The studio's CEO and creative director of Helldivers 2 announced: “Blue laser beams are not real. They can’t hurt you.”

Well then it's all right.

Even with flying beetles, it was clearly denied that such a thing existed.

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