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Players want to radically kill NPCs to save performance in Dragon's Dogma 2



The new action RPG Dragon's Dogma 2 will be released tomorrow and even though the first test results place it well above its predecessor, there are said to be performance problems in some areas. Players now want to take the solution into their own hands.

What problems should arise? Dragon's Dogma 2 will be released tomorrow, March 22, 2024, on Steam, among other places. There was a lot of praise from critics in the first test reports and the RPG can now clearly rank above its predecessor.

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The PC version even managed a dream rating of 92% on Metacritic. Nevertheless, some concerns about the frame rate were expressed in advance for this version. According to reports, it is a bit wobbly in some places in the game.

Capcom already confirmed this in a statement to IGN. Each character is assigned a large amount of CPU usage, the developer said. In addition, the effects of its physical presence in different environments are dynamically calculated. So if multiple characters come together at the same time, CPU usage can be “very high,” according to Capcom. This could of course affect the frame rate.

How do players want to solve the problem? The players now want to take the solution to the problem into their own hands while they wait for a fix from the developer.

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In fact, their solution seems relatively simple. The first murders of innocent but unimportant NPCs are already being planned. And even if the solution seems simple, it is also very extreme and drastic, as Capcom has already confirmed that the death of an NPC is final. They can only be revived manually.

Players are working on a list of “insignificant NPCs”

Some players have already joined forces on Reddit and want to work together to create a list of “insignificant NPCs”. So that everyone knows exactly which NPCs you can kill without possibly missing quests and content. Some people suggest simply waiting until the quests are over and then eliminating the associated NPCs.

And even if this is certainly not the solution Capcom is aiming for – which is already looking for options themselves – many players really don't seem to want to wait and are determined to secure their frame rate this way.

Some users on Reddit are also wondering how far the whole thing should go. As one user writes: “I can't wait until a week goes by and someone posts the game at 60 FPS after slaughtering everyone.”

How much a dead NPC can actually improve the performance of the game remains to be seen, although some players will probably test it when it is released tomorrow.

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