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PlayStation Network is down and players are going crazy |




For a few hours now, users who have wanted to enter video games that require PlayStation online, such as helldivers 2 They have reported that they cannot enter the game, and with that in mind they have made sure to see that their network is working correctly, whether wired or via Wi-Fi. However, neither the players nor the connection infrastructure have been guilty of these events, since apparently the online section of sony It has fallen, so no one can play.

According to information that has been shared by various media, users have been experiencing problems with some online functions of the consoles. PlayStation, this ranges from the third, to the one that is currently on the industry market. Even the page known as DownDetector has collected more than 3,000 reports in which players indicate that they cannot enter the titles that require a subscription to enter the different games.

Since the 11 a.m. US time The problems have begun to accumulate, so it is not known when users will be able to enter the platform normally, and it may even be possible to play by the time this text is read. Sony hasn't given any response for the errors, but work is possibly already underway to stabilize things, given that millions of users use the servers, from online games to using simple applications like Youtube.

Among the territories affected by this event we have: Mexico, the United States, Canada and also Latam.

Via: Gamerant

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Editor's note: It is obvious that the incident is not going to happen today, so it will be a matter of a few hours for everything to return to normal. Additionally, this blackout could be due to possible server maintenance that must be performed from time to time by the technical team.

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