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Yesterday the layoff of 900 employees at Sony Interactive Entertainment was confirmed, as well as the closure of London Studio and the cancellation of multiple games. Now, as expected, The head of PlayStation Studios has shared a statement where he regrets this decision and mentions that it is “reevaluating how we operate.”

Through an official statement shared to the general public, Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios confirmed the closure of London Studio, the cancellation of multiple unannounced projects, and the layoff of 900 employees around the world. affecting studios like Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games. In this regard, this is what he commented on the matter:

“PlayStation Studios had to grow. We have added brilliant and successful studios to our family. We have invested in new technologies and partnerships. We have recruited talent from across our industry and beyond.

But growth itself is not an ambition. PlayStation Studios is committed to continually discovering ways to work together; collaborating and combining our efforts to ensure that we are able to create games that push the boundaries of gaming and deliver what you expect from us.

It saddens me deeply to see talented people leaving the company. I have a lot of admiration, appreciation and respect for his work.

PlayStation Studios will continue to be a creator-led organization driven by the evolution of our beloved franchises and delivering the highest quality new gaming experiences to our fans.”

While it seems like PlayStation may reevaluate the way they are making games, there is no guarantee that this will happen in the future. The company has focused on creating large-scale AAA experiences, and we must not forget its game-as-a-service plans, which have gradually diminished. In this way, it sounds almost impossible for them to change direction, at least for the remainder of the generation. On related topics, you can learn more about the canceled games here. Likewise, these are the games coming to PlayStation Plus in March.

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Editor's Note:

It is disappointing to see that managers see the complicated situation their company is in, and instead of avoiding the dismissal of their employees at all costs, this is the easiest solution for them. Worst of all, PlayStation won't actually change its business, at least for this generation.

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