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PlayStation would not be happy with Bungie



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It's no secret that the situation at Sony Interactive Entertainment is complicated. After a series of layoffs, restructurings, studio closures and project cancellations, many are wondering what will happen to PlayStation in the rest of the generation. Now, to add fuel to the fire, A new rumor claims that managers are not happy with the way Bungie is handling Destiny.

Recently, the YouTuber known as Aztecross, content creator of Destiny 2 and who has a good relationship with Bungie, shared an email stating that There is currently a power dispute between the creators of the game as a service and PlayStation, something that could affect this and future company projects. This is what is mentioned about it:

“Sony's internal outlook is very negative towards Bungie at this time. It is considered a failed investment and the strategies discussed revolve around recovering losses. A domestic US leader is fighting to take control and right the ship, while others in the Pacific want a much tougher approach. The former American leader enjoys great respect from foreign leaders, so he is likely to get his way. That person's perspective is that there are a lot of “glutton” executives at Bungie who aren't doing their jobs and are hindering the organization. The workers are believed to be trained, but the management cannot fulfill their duties.

Bungie is in a difficult situation, because the number of pre-orders is lower than expected (…). Sony believes that finances will not allow Bungie to avoid an acquisition even with another round of layoffs, as this would cannibalize future development and revenue.

Overall, Sony has been very upset with Bungie's leadership. They have been unable to successfully advise Sony teams and while Lightfall met its internal revenue targets, all targets have since been missed due to a growing decline.

It is believed that the acquisition would allow Sony to turn Destiny into a more profitable game (…). Sony's leadership wants to nurture the game and understands that more aggressive monetization would not be healthy. However, there would be a change in the monetization model, as the current model is believed to be too confusing. The main difference between America's leader and Japan's leaders getting their way is more important for Bungie's in-development titles. If the Japanese leadership has its way, the teams for future titles will be destroyed and reformed.”

The email that Aztecross shares is just a rumor, since at the moment there is no leak, report or official information that can corroborate the internal fight between Bungie and PlayStation. The only detail for which there is prior information is the low pre-sales that have been made for the next expansion of Destiny 2.

An important detail that the email mentions is the lack of results when advising other teams. Let's remember that not long ago, PlayStation had multiple games as a service in development, including The Last of Us Online. Prior to the cancellation of this title, reports stated that Bungie made it clear that Naughty Dog's work was not ready to go on the marketwhich caused an internal delay at that time.

While it is true that PlayStation bought Bungie for $3.6 billion in early 2022, this was as an independent subsidiary of SIE, which was to retain its management staff. Now, the email calls this into question, since we could see complete control from Sony in the future.

It is important to mention that at the moment this is just a rumor, and there is no additional information to support this message. However, taking into consideration everything that has happened with PlayStation in recent weeks, This wouldn't be a surprise to some.. On related topics, Bungie fears being completely acquired by Sony. Likewise, the new Destiny 2 expansion is delayed.

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Editor's Note:

The possibility of Bungie completely changing is real. While this could have positive consequences, it would also mean layoffs and radical change that does not guarantee success. At the end of the day, it all seems to be a result of managers always wanting to see more profits.

Via: Aztecross

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