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It is a fact that this 2024 It will be about electoral campaigns, given that there will be some positions to fill in Mexico such as deputies, senators, mayors, delegates and more, but without a doubt the most important decision of all will be to elect the new president of the republic. And that leads us to the budget being used to go through various states of the country and thus give their message about why people should give them their vote, this with different approaches, and that apparently includes using famous pop culture characters.

A rather curious mural has been shared through social networks, one that includes advertising for the National Regeneration Movement Party (MORENA), in which they are speaking with Toluca, which is the capital of the State of Mexico, giving a message that ensures quality governance. The interesting thing about the painting is that they use the typography of Dragon Ball Zand specifically put Goku with a party t-shirt.

This campaign has been of interest to youth, especially causing the discontent of some for using characters who have nothing with the government, even considering that it is an insult to the creator of the franchise himself by putting the Saiyan in that position. On the other hand, an allusion is made to the fact that companies such as Toei Animation can take legal action for this use of Gokuafter all people don't think they took the time to pay the corresponding fees.

Until now no one has commented on this curious case, but it makes it clear that Mexico has among its standards the franchise of Dragon Ball.

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Editor's note: They have always broken copyright rules in Mexico, putting Mickey Mouse anywhere without fear of being sued. Surely they are going to contact them and they will have to remove the mural, unless they pay the corresponding money.

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