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Popular German Twitch streamer explains why she made her relationship public



In the latest episode of Henke’s Corner, Twitch streamer Mahluna reveals her motivations for making her relationship public and openly shares her experiences and challenges with it.

Who is the streamer? Mahluna is one of the most famous gaming streamers in Germany. On average, around 2,000 viewers watch her streams, which puts her on a par with other well-known streamers like Gnu (via Twitchtracker).


The 25-year-old particularly enjoys showing off her skills in the shooter Valorant, in which she has already spent over 3,600 hours on Twitch. She began her streaming journey in 2019 with League of Legends.

You can find out more about Mahluna here:


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Mahluna was recently a guest on the podcast “Henke’s Corner”. She talked about her law studies, her successful streaming career and her special talent for perfectly imitating a seagull. Her relationship with the streamer Mango was also discussed.

Accusations that she “slept her way to the top”

What are your experiences with public relations? Henke asks Mahluna how intense the debate was about whether the relationship should be made public or kept secret.


Mahluna says that it was a long discussion and that both of them thought about it extensively. After all, according to her stories, she didn’t have the nicest experiences.

The streamer says that she was previously in a public relationship that went quite well. However, she quickly noticed that she was often reduced to just the relationship. The phenomenon is also known in the USA, where one of the most successful streamers, QTCinderella, has been fighting for years to not just be seen as “Ludwig’s girlfriend”.


Mahluna reports how she was accused of “sleeping her way to the top,” which she found very hurtful.

Mahluna explains, however, that she never paid attention to the numbers and it bothered her that viewers had a wrong image of her.


The full video is available here. It automatically jumps to the section where Mahluna talks about her relationship (around 10:58):

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Viewers were angry with her

What experiences has she had with viewers on this topic? After the relationship became public knowledge, Mahluna was single for a while, which was also known to her viewers. The streamer says that during this time between relationships, some strange situations occurred.


In one of her streams, she was asked whether she could imagine having a relationship with a viewer. At first, she refused, arguing that she didn’t even know the people.

One of those viewers then wrote her a private message on Instagram – a “three-page letter” according to her. In it, he apparently expressed his dissatisfaction with her saying such a thing and was apparently quite angry.


Mahluna adds that she almost felt compelled to make the relationship public so that such people would stop writing to her. “If you’re in a relationship, then some of these people create distance – which is a good thing,” adds the streamer.

“Many things will become easier,” explains Mahluna

How is your current relationship going? In the meantime, Lukas came into her life, as Mahluna explains. She describes how they had a wonderful dynamic between them from the beginning, which is why it would have been strange for her to hide it.


She further reports that it became difficult to keep their relationship a secret, especially because she often streamed at his house and many viewers recognized the background and asked about it.

So she decided to be transparent with people to avoid misunderstandings. She adds: “The fact that he is a content creator and I am a content creator and we produce a lot of content together makes a lot of things easier.”


“People always think they know better than you”

What are your negative experiences with public relations? Mahluna says that it really annoyed her when people wrote or spoke badly about her relationship. Henke adds: “Yes, exactly, because people always think they know better than you do.”

Mahluna further explains that she initially reacted angrily about it about three years ago. At that time, she still had a hard time dealing with negative comments as she had just started streaming and was still taking it very seriously.


But she quickly learned that these comments were unimportant and that they actually strengthened the relationship. She doesn’t regret this decision. However, she can completely understand if other people decide against it.

xQc, leading gaming streamer on Twitch and Kick, knows the problems Mahluna describes. His relationships are viewed critically by fans. Read more here: Multimillionaire (27) is enormously successful on Twitch, but fans ruin every relationship for him

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