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Possible resolution and frame rate of the PS5 Pro



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Last week a document was leaked about the PlayStation 5 Pro, which has given a high level of veracity to all the reports we have heard in recent months. Although at the moment there is still no official information, new details ensure that the console would use Spectral Super Resolution to achieve 4K performance at 120fps and 8K at 60fps.

The leaked document mentions that the PlayStation 5 Pro, which is codenamed Trinity, would use a new version of Spectral Super Resolution, or PSSR, to scale games to a higher resolution. Here it is pointed out that PlayStation's internal plans with the PSSR are to achieve 4K at 120fps and 8K at 60fpsalthough this does not mean that we will see these options at the launch of the console.

Due to hardware limitations, this is not the performance we supposedly currently find in the PS5 Pro, but rather is PSSR's internal goal in future interactions with the console. Right now, The PlayStation 5 Pro with PSSR allows resolutions of 3840×2160, while aiming for 4K at 60fps and 8K at 30fps, but it is not clear whether those internal milestones can be surpassed.

Along with this, the leaked document mentions two tests underway. In one of these we can see a title running at 1080p at 60fps on the PS5, while the PS5 Pro allows the same software to run at 1440p at 60fps. For its part, the second test is focused on ray-tracing, where the normal PS5 has a performance at 60fps without this technology, but the PS5 Pro reaches 60fps with ray-tracing activated.

As usual, We just have to wait for Sony to share new official information and, if the leaked document is true, the PS5 Pro would be available this year. On related topics, you can learn more about the technical specifications of this console here. Likewise, this would be the launch date of the console.

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Editor's Note:

Many wonder if a PS5 Pro is truly necessary. Although this is a valid question, it is also true that there is room to offer an improved version of the current console, not only to increase the offer in the market, but to provide much more advanced experiences.

Via: Insider Gaming

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