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Power Rangers series would no longer be released on Netflix |




For those who do not know, for some years there had been talk that Netflix and Hasbro They had an alliance to bring a new series of the franchise power Rangers, an expectation that became great after the anniversary special with the original actors was released. However, things have become more complicated as the days have gone by, and it is possible that it will soon be confirmed that it will not reach the streaming platform, but that does not mean that it has been cancelled.

According to what has been said, the program is no longer moving forward after more than two years of work, information that was first shared by @Jinsakuu in Twitter and later corroborated by TVLine . Now it is said that Hasbro is looking to take the series in a new creative direction with a new partner, so the red company would be ruled out for the series to be launched, and now the search for someone else would be beginning.

We cannot forget that in 2020, Hasbro advertisement that the co-creator Jonathan Entwistle would oversee a new connected universe of films and television shows in the franchise. The co-executive producer and story editor of Supernatural of Daisy & the Six, Jenny Klein, was previously appointed as showrunner of the now-canceled show. It’s unclear if she will remain attached to the project when it resurfaces or if she will be a new team.

Here is the description of the saga:

Power Rangers is an entertainment franchise that includes a television series, movies, toys, comics, and other related products. It was created by Haim Saban and originally released in 1993. The television series is inspired by and adapts material from a Japanese franchise called “Super Sentai,” which is a science fiction action television series.

It has had a significant impact on popular culture, especially among children and teenagers of the ’90s and ’00s. The series has been praised for its diversity in the cast and ability to reinvent itself and stay relevant over the years.

Remember that some of their series are available in streaming.

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Author’s note: It is possible that it will be released in other places such as MAX, where they have also hosted chapters of the franchise, although it could also be Prime Video.

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