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Pre-order the special issue on Elden Ring and DLC now The big GameStar Black Edition on Elden Ring and Shadow of the Erdtree



With our special issue, we will guide you skillfully and efficiently through Elden Ring and the soon-to-be-released DLC Shadow of the Erdtree.

Update June 18: Our authors are working at full speed, which is why we are finishing the special issue even faster than expected. Accordingly, you will probably receive the e-paper on June 24th and the dates for the print editions have also been brought forward to July 2nd for those who pre-order and July 12th for those who buy at the kiosk!


So pre-order quickly, because Free shipping is only available until next Sunday, June 23rd, 2024!

There are quite a few people who are afraid of Fromsoftware’s games. Scary monsters, dark worlds and cryptic, often confusing stories can put off inexperienced players. Above all, the tough difficulty level and the sometimes opaque game mechanics make your hands sweat on the controller. Fromsoftware’s super hit Elden Ring is a prime example of the notorious Soulslike genre, even if it is the most accessible.


We are putting an end to the fear! Because we are using the expansion Shadow of the Erdtree as an opportunity to extra thick Black Edition of Elden Ring and its expansion This means that even Souls newbies can venture into the in-between lands.

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We light your way in the darkness

We’ll level you up quickly and show you the way to the story expansion.

Our experienced authors will guide you skillfully through the dark world of Elden Ring and Shadow of the Erdtree. They will show you how to have a truly perfect run and not miss any allusions or references in the Erdtree DLC. The ultimate roadmap will guide you through all the quests in the main game so that you don’t miss any NPC stories or other story details.

Pre-order now with free shipping

No more aimless travel through the intermediate lands

If you walk carelessly in Elden Ring, you’ll soon pay the price. Our maps will help you find your way.

Thanks to the extensive, detailed maps You won’t miss anything in the magazine. Because in addition to important locations, they also show the locations of sword keys, forge stones, war ashes, etc.

On the large XXL double poster The booklet provides you with large overview maps of the game world on one side (with all the important locations, of course) and atmospheric Erdtree artwork on the other side.


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We take you by the (sword) hand

The GameStar Black Edition for Elden Ring and Shadow of the Earthtree leaves nothing to be desired with its scope. With this thick special issue you get:

  • 164 pages about Fromsoftware’s hit game and its expansion
  • Perfect run: With our main game complete solution you won’t miss any quests and NPC stories
  • Erdtree DLC explained: how new weapon types and mechanics work
  • detailed maps: Here you can find sword keys, forge stones, war ashes, etc.
  • Turbo leveling: The best spots and items for rune farming
  • Power PvP: With our guides you can knock everyone out
  • XXL double poster

The magazine is available as usual at kiosks or in the GameStar Shop – there also as an e-paper or as a particularly attractive bundle of magazine and e-paper. By the way: To ensure that the magazine contains really up-to-date information, we work on the articles right up to the last minute – Pre-orderers will receive their special issue e-paper as soon as possible, probably on June 24, 2024The printed version of the Black Edition will be shipped to pre-orderers on July 2nd and will also be available at kiosks from July 12th, 2024.

Have fun reading and playing!


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