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Another month has arrived, and that means that there will be many premieres in the world of streaming, since there are currently several options on the market that fans are going to enjoy. And in this April 2024 there is basically everything and for everyone, with long-awaited movies, anime in Latin Spanish and even top-notch animation. And so you don't have to search individually, here we bring you the lists of the additions that we are going to have over the next 30 days.


April 3

– Wish: The Power of Wishes

– Spidey & His Amazing Friends: Season 3

April 8

– Eclipse Across America

April 10th

– Iwájú

– Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug: Season 5

– Winnie The Pooh & Me: Season 1

April 17th

– The Secret Score: The Lead Enigma

– Pupstruction: Season 1

– The Ghost And Molly McGee: Season 2

April 22

– Tiger Breeding

– Secrets of the Octopuses

April 24

– Mickey Mouse Funhouse: Season 2

April 30th

– Miraculous World Paris: Tales of Shadybug and Claw Noir

Prime Video

April 2

– The academy

April 4

– Music

April 5

– The Expendables 4

– How to Conquer Billi Walsh

April 12th

– Golda

April 11


April 12th

– Ourika

April 18th

– Puppy Love

April 19th

– Perverse

April 26

– Them: The Scare


April 1

– A Dangerous Therapy

– Another Dangerous Therapy Total Relapse!

– Contagion

– The Face of Terror

April 2

– Synanon: Lethal Faith

April 4

– Da Ponte Pra Lá

April 6

– Metalocalypse: Army Of The Doomstar

– All American: Season 6

April 7

–Alex Edelman: Just For Us

April 10th

– Brandy Hellville And the Cult Of Fast Fashion

April 15

– The Sympathizer

April 19th

– An American Bombing: The Road To April 19th

April, the 21st

– Sierra Madre: No Passing

April 22

– The Jinx (El Gafe): Life and Deaths of Robert Durst. Part 2

April 25th

– Velma: Season 2

April 27

– We're Here: Season 4


April 1

– The Magina Joke Show with Justin Willman

April 4

– Ripley

April 3

– Files of the Unexplainable

April 5

– The Great Inclusive

– The Antisocial Network: From Memes to Chaos

– Parasyte: The Grays

April 9

– Neal Brenan: Crazy Good

April 10th

– What did Jennifer do?

– Anthracite

April 11

– How the Raven Flies

April 12th

– Heist

– Wall With Wall

April 17th

– Our World Full of Life

– The Circle: A Social Media Competition

– Fair or Dirty Play?

– Learning to live

April 19th

– Rebel Moon (Part 2): The War That Leaves Marks

April 25th

– City Hunter

– The Late Detectives

April 26

– The Asunta Case

– Goodbye, Earth

April 30th

– Fiasco

Remember that all shows will be available during the month of April.

Via: Netflix

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Editor's note: There is definitely a lot to see during this month. But paying for like five platforms is a bit complicated, so I'll just stick with what Netflix offers, and maybe continue watching Sand Land through Star Plus.

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