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President of the USA would approve the ban on TikTok |




In recent weeks, a law has been released that seeks to ban the social network TikTok in the United States. USA, because the government of said country fears for national security if short entertainment videos continue to be distributed there. In fact, they do not have much control over it because the owners are from Chinabut they have the option to remove it from the store so that the public does not have access now or in the distant future.

It has been announced that at this moment a vote is being taken to make the law current or against it, but one thing that has become clear is that the president of USES supports the motion, so if in the end they come to the conclusion of closing the platform, at least in their region, Biden will help in everything possible to make it a reality. He mentioned this in a recent round of questions and answers.

This proposal, called the Protecting Americans from Applications Controlled by Foreign Adversaries Act, seeks to force ByteDance to sell TikTok within a period of six months. If not, you will be prohibited from accessing app stores and web services in that region. The goal of all this is that a foreign company does not have as much control in the United States, as it could present dangers to its own government.

As mentioned, the voting by the authorities is currently being carried out, so we will know the ruling in a short time. Unless the company decides to sell itself to someone from this country, something that is surely not going to happen anytime soon.

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Editor's note: I don't know what kind of dangers there are in an application in which pure memes are shared, there are very rarely topics that can be considered serious. We'll see if the closure is made soon or if this ridiculous law is approved to a certain extent.

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