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Probably the most beautiful upcoming ARPG launches on Steam in April



Moon Studios, the makers of one of the most beautiful games on Steam, are taking on the ARPG genre. No Rest for the Wicked is scheduled to go into early access on April 18, 2024.

What kind of game is this? No Rest for the Wicked is an upcoming ARPG from Moon Studios, the makers of the hugely popular Ori games. Having already made their mark on the Metroidvania genre, the developers now want to do the same for ARPGs.

Although No Rest For The Wicked, with its use of the terms ARPG and Hack&Slay, initially made many think of a new competition for Diablo, the gameplay is supposed to be more soul-like – with tactical battles and tough bosses.

The developers revealed new details about the game in a showcase on March 1, 2024. No Rest for the Wicked is scheduled to go into early access on Steam on April 18th. A release for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S is expected to follow. MeinMMO tells you what else is in the showcase.

No Rest for the Wicked – the new ARPG from the makers of Ori in the trailer

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Brutal combat in a beautiful world

What do we know about No Rest for the Wicked? In the showcase, the developers mainly talk about 4 aspects of the ARPG: the world, the fights, the bosses and the city of Sacrament.

The world of No Rest for the Wicked is not procedurally generated, but rather designed down to the smallest detail by the developers. They promise a dense and interactive world that players should be able to explore freely. For this reason, there is no mouse control; players can move through the world with WASD or a controller.

Another distinguishing feature of No Rest for the Wicked is the hand-drawn look, which made the Ori games visual masterpieces. Instead of aiming for the most realistic look possible, the creators want to create the feeling of a painting that has come to life, as they reveal in the showcase.

The combat in No Rest for the Wicked is intended to be intuitive but challenging. The correct timing, the distance and the weight of the weapon are said to be of crucial importance in order to defeat the opponents. Players have access to a variety of weapons in 4 different levels of rarity.

The most common weapons of rarity Common However, they shouldn't be pure trash loot like in many other games. Rather, these weapons offer the most customization options. Rare weapons, on the other hand, can only be equipped with certain enchantments.

The right weapons and armor are particularly important in the fight against the bosses: as the developers reveal, they should be absolutely brutal and punish even the smallest mistakes. Only those who use their skills correctly and wait for the right moment can survive against them.

Anyone who has had enough of all the fighting should be able to take a breather in the capital Sacrament. The city is scarred by the war, but should be able to be gradually rebuilt by the players. In addition, players can buy and furnish a house there.

You can find the full showcase in English on YouTube. Due to age restrictions, registration may be required.

What is known about Early Access? No Rest for the Wicked Early Access starts on April 18, 2024 on Steam. At this point, the first chapter of the campaign will be included, as well as additional quests and a large selection of weapons, armor and skills.

The first version will also offer daily and weekly bounties and challenges, as well as a dungeon that can be run again and again. The first major update will also provide a multiplayer mode that will allow players to experience No Rest for the Wicked with up to 3 players.

The makers of one of the most beautiful games on Steam could next compete with Diablo 4

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