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Problems with Perfect Dark emulation




Nintendo 64 emulation on Switch Online has had multiple problems in the past. During its launch, Ocarina of Time It presented a series of errors that, fortunately, were solved over time. Now, It seems that history has repeated itself, but this time Perfect Dark It is the center of attention.

Through social networks, multiple users have pointed out that the emulation of Perfect Dark on Switch Online it is anything but optimal. Here they have been mentioned issues with textures, lighting, performance, frame rates, online play, and controls. Specifically, there is input lag, sensitivity and aiming issues.

Currently, there is no response from Nintendo on this matter. However, It is very likely that this will be solved in the future. Let us remember that with the passage of time, the Big N solved many of the problems that afflicted Ocarina of Time, so there is a possibility that the same thing will happen this time. Likewise, it is unknown if Turokwhich arrived in the N64 app on the same day, has the same bugs.

We can only wait to see What will be Nintendo’s plans regarding the games that were recently added to the Nintendo 64 through Switch Online?. On related topics, these are the games that were recently added to this service. Likewise, you can learn more about the new Perfect Dark here.

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Author’s Note:

It is very strange that Perfect Dark have emulation problems. Switch Online games have long been free of bugs like this, but for some reason Rare’s FPS is a case in point, something we didn’t see with GoldenEyewhich is very similar to Perfect Dark.

Via: Nintendo Life

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