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PROFECO attacks Ticketmaster




We are on the eve of the announcement of the Crown Capital in Mexico, and it seems that measures are already being taken against Ticketmaster to protect the public, since PROFECO has issued a warning against this company, to which it only has a couple more hours to respond.

Recently, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, better known as Profeco, issued a precautionary measure for Ticketmaster to suspend information related to the denial of refunds in the event of non-attendance of one or more artists announced for a festival. This was issued yesterday, so the company only has one more day to offer a response to this measure..

All this originated when Ticketmaster announced a denial of refund clause for the cancellation of an artist at a festival, as part of its new refund policy for ticket buyers of the Arré and Flow Fest festivals. This is what was said about it:

“The non-refund clause published by Ticketmaster México in its terms and conditions, in relation to the sale of tickets for a festival, could be in violation of articles 1, 7, 10 in its second paragraph, 56 and 85 of the Federal Law of Consumer Protection”.

The changes imposed by Ticketmaster could give rise to companies announcing festivals with artists who do not plan to play in Mexican territory, just to attract the attention of all interested parties. However, before the eyes of PROFECO, All providers are obliged to respect the services they have offered or agreed upon with the consumer.

In the event that the artist cancels his/her presentation in Mexico, Ticketmaster is obliged to offer a refund if the client requests it, something that must not only include the cost of the ticket, but the additional charges too, as well as a bonus or compensation of no less than 20%, either with respect to the total number of days that the festival lasts or only for the day on which the consumer decides not to attend. The only exception is if the band or singer becomes ill or suffers an accident.

Failure to heed PROFECO’s warning would result in the initiation of proceedings for violations of the Law. With music festivals being an important part of the music scene in Mexico, This is something that has been well received by the general public. We can only wait for Ticketmaster’s response.

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Author’s Note:

Let’s hope this has positive repercussions for all concert lovers. This is not the first time that PROFECO has gone against Ticketmasters, and considering that this is the largest concert organization in the country, the regulations should be much more severe in this case.

Via: Forbes

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