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PS5 Pro would work with PS6 backward compatibility |




During these weeks there has been a lot of rumor that there will be a supposed PS5 Pro, of which some essential functionalities such as greater power have already been announced, and also that it would run certain more demanding games without any type of problem compared to the current console. With this in mind, it has been made known that the throttling of certain aspects of the CPU would have been carried out to have some sort of consideration for the backwards compatibility system, something that people will like.

According to experts who have seen a leaked technical document from sony the console comes with a CPU that is identical to the PS5 standard, but comes with a High Frequency Mode that boosts to 3.85 GHz, a 10% difference. The well-known expert of AMD, Kepler, resorted to Twitter to speculate that this could be due to Sony's complex backward compatibility system, so the one implemented will be the same as the PS6 to avoid complications.

Here is Kepler's quote:

The way Sony handles BC is very complex and requires the new HW to run at the same or higher clock speeds, even if the new HW is faster at lower clock speeds. If they are using Zen6 dense cores for PS6, they can't aim for 4GHz+ for the PS5 Pro as that could break the BC.

That means that both the possible PS5 Pro like the next PS6 They don't want to make it complicated for backwards compatibility to work, especially hoping that even CD discs can be read. PS4, with an optimization that the majority of the library accepts, only in some specific cases titles that have not been worked on could not be played. However, all this information remains rumors until the new systems are released.

Via: PlayStation Life Style

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Editor's note: I hope there is backwards compatibility for the next generation, since Sony has liked to remove it from the PS3 and PS4, since due to cost savings they have tried to ensure that people cannot put old games on the current console. However, with Ps5 they have finally taken the right path.

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