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Rare McDonald's Nintendo DSi pulled from auction |




At the time of the Nintendo DS, everyone wanted one due to the simple way of carrying high-quality games in their pocket, which is why there were a large number of special editions, many of them today can be considered partially lost due to that were not launched massively. In fact, there were those that were used purely for work, since the restaurant McDonald's He lent his workers one of these consoles with his logo on it and a cartridge containing on-the-job training videos.

These are logically no longer used for these purposes, but they have entered the curiosity of collectors of Nintendo where the hamburger company has left them, and it is a quite precious object that few can aspire to obtain, given that they were only used in a few restaurants in the world. This leads us to certain people who get one putting it up for sale on sites like E-Bay, where clearly the figure is not going to be lower due to the degree of rarity of the item in question.

However, McDonald's He's not so excited about some of his technology and behind-the-scenes methods getting into public hands and selling for thousands of dollars. The company found out that there was an auction for these consoles and made it very clear that they were not happy. Therefore, it has been cancelled, in addition to the fact that those responsible for this offer have apologized to the company with the huge “M”. Then the users who wanted to get it will see their dream frustrated.

It is worth mentioning that the fate of the DSi, but they will surely reach a deal to get it back into the hands of the restaurant, although it is not known if this will have a monetary exchange, as it could be possible that the seller has also checked out the console on behalf of someone else. And in case the company keeps it, it is not yet known if they plan to destroy it or if they will basically keep it in a warehouse until the end of time.

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Editor's note: I remember that there is also a rather rare Nintendo 3DS cartridge, the one from a museum in Europe that sold it so that the user could have a more immersed tour. And now, these pieces are becoming quite expensive in the world.

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