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Reason for Marvel vs. Capcom not on Xbox



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It’s no secret that Xbox has always been the last option for the Japanese market. This not only refers to the players, but also to the developers. While this has changed in recent times, with Atlus and Square Enix giving users of these platforms the opportunity to enjoy classic titles and new installments, it seems that Capcom He still has a long way to go to reach this level, something that yesterday’s announcements made clear.

During the last Nintendo Direct, Capcom announced two new collections: Ace Attorney Investigations Collection and Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection Arcade Classics. Both packages will give the public the opportunity to experience these classics, but it is the content of the second collection that will not be available on Xbox consoles.

That’s right, although Ace Attorney Investigations Collection will be available on Xbox consoles, Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection Arcade Classics will completely bypass this platform, something that has not been liked by these users. Although Capcom has not issued a statement explaining its reason for this, It seems that everything has to do with the graphics engine on which certain titles from the Japanese company run.

According to Jawmuncher, with information that was verified by Windows Central, The reason certain classic Capcom titles are not available on Xbox is due to the MT Framework, the old graphics engine of the Japanese company. Capcom has no plans to bring its classic MT Framework titles to the current Xbox ecosystem, making it more expensive to deliver the same titles than simply port them to PlayStation 4, Switch, or PC.

Let’s remember that all the titles that make use of the RE Engine are available on Xbox, from Resident Evil 7until Monster Hunter Rise. Likewise, this does not mean that the relationship between these two companies is bad, since titles like Monster Hunter World and Exoprimal have been available on Game Pass.

While it seems that Xbox users will not have the opportunity to enjoy Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection Arcade Classics, this does not mean that Capcom has forgotten about them. At the end of the day, This is a financial decision, where the Japanese company does not want to invest the necessary resources to make this a reality.. On related topics, you can learn more about this collection here. Likewise, this is the summary of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct.

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Author’s Note:

Everything seems to indicate that the Xbox Series X|S is not fully compatible with the MT Framework. Let’s remember that the Capcom engine is already old. It’s something the company used for a couple of generations, and was one of the main reasons they had to switch to the RE Engine during the last generation.

Via: Windows Central.

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