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Reason why Ash and Misty were not a couple



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the anime of Pokemon Not only was he responsible for bringing the Game Freak game to a new audience, but he also substantially expanded the relationship between characters, a section that was not present in the titles at that time. In this way, a love relationship quickly formed between Ash and Misty, one that, Unfortunately for some, it never came to be. official.

Throughout the first seasons of the anime, the relationship between Ash and Misty showed us a youthful love that, although it was not accepted, was clearly moving in that direction. Throughout the anime, the show's producers began to develop a relationship between Ash and Misty. What started as a mission to get compensation from Ash for his recently burned bike. It became an adventure full of action, comedy and endearing moments.

However, the romantic relationship between Misty and Ash came to an end when Pokémon was renewed for more seasons. The producers wanted to change Ash Ketchum's Pokémon and companions, as well as a change of environment to maintain the freshness of the series.

Just when the events of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, the anime decided to change Misty for May, not only to promote the third generation, but to keep the repertoire of companions fresh in this adventure, something that even affected Brock. However, this also meant that Misty returned to his position in the games, something that made many fans happy.

Regardless of the fate of this character, fans were more interested in how Ash became the best trainer in this world. On related topics, Pokémon developers would already be working on their own Palworld. Likewise, The Pokémon Company announced a new division.

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Editor's Note:

It's a shame that the relationship between Ash and any other female character was never fleshed out, but this wasn't the focus of the anime. This production was dedicated entirely to action and being a decent adaptation of what it feels like to play Game Freak's work.

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