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Red Cross had collaboration with Tetris




The American Red Cross is one of the largest health organizations right now, but it constantly faces poor blood drives. Thus, This year they carried out a collaboration with Tetriswhich turns 40 since its original release.

Over the past few weeks, everyone who made an appointment to donate blood on the site was entered into a raffle to win a trip to New York, with the aim of meeting Alexey Pajitnov in person, the creator of Tetris. This is what Darren Irby, executive director of donor and sponsor marketing for the American Red Cross, had to say about it:

“The Red Cross is delighted to partner with such an iconic brand as Tetris to encourage the public to donate blood.

Tetris’ cross-generational appeal makes it a ‘perfect fit’ to help us reach young and mature audiences, to encourage them to take action and roll up their sleeves, to help save lives.”

Let’s remember that blood cannot be manufactured and has a short shelf life, which means that the blood supply must be constantly replenished. Getting the wrong blood type can be life-threateningso it is essential to have a strong and dedicated blood donor base to help ensure hospital shelves are well stocked.

Although at the moment we do not know how effective this campaign was, It is very likely that more than one person decided to donate blood, either to meet the creator of Tetris, or simply to perform a good deed. On related topics, a new Tetris console is on the way. Likewise, the NES version of Tetris was defeated by a young player.

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Author’s Note:

It’s good to see that legendary organizations and people in this industry are willing to collaborate with a larger goal in mind. It would be interesting to see if something like this happens in the future internationally with the developers who have been very important for this medium.

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