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Report announces new date for Switch 2




Since the middle of 2023a lot of news began to be distributed around the evolution of Nintendo, since data has been released about how the famous Switch 2, whether from its appearance and even the components it will have, such as a supposed 8GB RAM as well as an NVIDIA DLSS. In fact, until recently it was mentioned when the official reveal would be made, hoping that fans of this brand will be able to have the new console this year.

However, this last fact may change according to the insider and Brazilian journalist of OX do Controle, since the device would not be arriving until the next 2025, and that is information that five different sources would have made known to him. Adding that the people are from three different continents who are supposedly linked to people from the company in Japan, and of course, they would already know what their moves are to follow in the industry.

After consulting 5 sources from 3 different continents, all basically repeating the same thing, OX do Controle reveals today: the launch of the Switch successor should not happen until 2025.

Until now, they have not commented on the fact that they are already working on a new console, given that they continue to release many video games constantly, in fact, Princess Peach: Showtime! It will be that great launch of the 2024, and then have some remasters that have been previously announced. That leads us to the fact that we could see the console in a next live event, which may take place in the month of June, but remains mere rumors.

Via: Twitter

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Editor's note: It has been said that next week there will be a live event focused solely on third-party companies, so I don't see the reveal of the console before June. So, we will have to continue reading rumors until Nintendo finally denies them.

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